Friday, April 10, 2009


Water gardening is catching up in a big way today and more and more people are getting interested in it. Water gardens are also known as aquatic gardens, backyard ponds or garden ponds. Water gardening refers to a man made feature where the gardens typically combine a pool with aquatic plants and ornamental fish. The whole idea of water gardening brings to light a beautiful site that will surely impress your visitors. The site of water gardens is one of the most pleasant sites in your house. You can decorate your water garden with fixed items such as rocks, fountains and statutory waterfalls. Adding these times will give an extra effect to your water garden.

The three major categories of water gardens are submerged, marginal and floating. Submerged plants refer to those plants that live completely under water. They may have leaves or flowers that grow to the surface. One very good example of submerged plants is water lily. The plants can be placed in a pond or container 1-2 ft below the surface of the water. Many of the plants have the capacity to produce oxygen which is vital for the fish in the pond. Water Lily and Parrot Feather are excellent examples of submerged plants.

Marginal plants are those plants that have their roots under water but the rest of the plant grows above the surface. They are placed in such a way that the top of the pot is barely below the surface of the water. The most common examples of marginal plants are Arrowhead, Flag and Nelumbo. Floating plants are those plants that don't grow in the soil. They are free floating on the surface of water. In water gardening they are used as a shade to restrict the growth of algae in the pond. The most common examples of floating plants are Mosquito Ferns and Water Clover.

Let's have a look at the various types of fauna in water gardening. Fishes like goldfish can be kept in your water garden. Most of the colorful fish do not need any special type of temperature to live in. however pumps and other filtration devices are necessary for fish. You can also keep small aquatic snails like Apple snails in your water garden. Frogs and turtles are also a good option to keep. Most of these fauna are easy to maintain and don't need extra care for their growth and maintenance.

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